Where Does The Name DJFP Come From?

Ages ago I had a profile pic on Skype or MSN or something and I was wearing a white hoodie and I remember this girl said I looked like a Fat Panda in that picture because I also had really dark circles under my eyes as well. I would like to lose some weight and get some more sleep though!

What Came First, DJing Or Producing?

Producing. I first started making hip hop beats in 2003 that were pretty terrible – cheesy sounding synths and sfx, bad mixing etc… Through until 2007 I was mostly doing rap and hip hop production as well as working with some artists doing vocal recording and mixing. Gradually over time I started improving my techniques both from a technical and compositional standpoint. Around 2008 or so I changed my focus away from hip hop to more dance and club style music, though it wasn’t until about 2010 that I really got into the live performance aspect of electronic music. My first decks were Pioneer CDJ 200’s with a DJM 400 mixer. These days I will play with whatever gear I can get my hands on though.

What Was Your First Live Performance As A DJ Like?

Though I did do a little bit of DJing in 2009 at a club called Medusa in China, I would say my first real live performance was for a New Years party in Vancouver. It was a disaster really – I started running out of CD’s and some girls brought me a CD they made with a bunch of awful pop songs towards the end of the night. I don’t think I’ve ever had a set since then with any Taylor Swift or Pink songs!

What Are Your Plans For The Future?

I’d like to get back to producing a bit more – I was really busy last year with playing live a lot and other commitments like getting married and moving house several times. I’m also in the process of really getting everything organized with my library, set lists, photos and videos, website and other online stuff etc… Once everything is caught up with that then yeah, back to producing and putting out some quality new tracks. After that it will be back to playing shows I suppose and beyond that who knows? I’m not ready to retire just yet!